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Corrosion Control

Effective Asset Integrity & Corrosion Control is Fundamental, where Safety, Protection of the Environment and Continued Long Life are Essential

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As an independent multi-service company in Thailand, we encourage and support our staff to undertake professional development. Whether that be as AMPP Certified Corrosion Specialists, CP Technologists, Technicians, and Testers, Corrosion Technician, Coating Inspectors or Tishuck approved Risk-Based Inspection Specialist, PRCI AC Mitigation Modelers, CSWIP and ANST Inspectors and Technicians.

With an unrivalled 50 plus certified and internationally recognized professionals in Asset Integrity and Corrosion Control, JST is the leading provider of Corrosion Control Services in Thailand

Corrosion Services and Supply

AC Mitigation

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Cost of Integrity/Corrosion Loss

Corrosion and a loss of asset integrity is a destructive process and often difficult to identify until deterioration is well advanced or failure occurs. The effects may be catastrophic, but if considered at the appropriate time they can be safely and economically managed or controlled. 

The application of asset integrity principles, risk-based inspection, corrosion monitoring, chemical inhibition, cathodic protection, protective coating, or other corrosion control applications puts and keeps you our client in control.

If lost asset integrity or corrosion is considered to be inevitable, so are:

  • Health hazards associated with consequent failure of plants and facilities.
  • Damage of the environment.
  • Continuous damage to plants, structural assemblies, and other equipment.
  • Untimely shutdowns for repair or replacement
  • Product loss
  • Operating efficiency loss
  • Plant and equipment over design
  • Unfavorable publicity is associated with hazards to the public
    and/or our Environment.

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